Spaghetti Circus & Roundabout Theatre

Spaghetti Circus & Roundabout Theatre have been commissioned to work with Broadwater Rileys Hill Hall

  • Spaghetti Circus, Aerodome - Departure Lounge

The teams from Spaghetti Circus and Roundabout Theatre in collaboration with freelance designer / director Joey Ruigrok van der Werven, were commissioned to work with the Broadwater community.

Spaghetti Circus, based in Mullumbimby, has been sharing the joys of circus in the Northern Rivers for over 24 years through their skillful performances and engaging workshops.

As a nationally recognised youth arts company, Spaghetti is dedicated to developing the imagination, creativity and physicality of young people in regional NSW.

Roundabout Theatre are known for their unique roving acts and tailored performance installations with elegant costuming, elaborate props and unfolding narrative that transports crowds of all ages into a mischievously absurd parallel universe.

‘We are absolutely thrilled to be working together with the vibrant community of Broadwater in celebration of its hall’ says Valley Lipcer, Artistic Director of Roundabout Theatre and Simone O’Brien, Creative Director of Spaghetti Circus.

‘This is a great opportunity for our companies to collaborate on a unique event and get to know a dynamic community full of lively characters and passionate folk like ourselves. We can’t wait.’


{ Bios }

Spaghetti Circus | is a circus school and performing arts company, which promotes excellence in physical theatre and circus arts. We seek to develop the artistic, theatrical and physical skills of youth across regional NSW and provide an inspirational training space for professional artists to explore and develop their work while sharing their unique skills with Spaghetti participants, their industry peers and the community at large.

Our vision is to embed the concept of ‘dare to dream, learn to fly, make your mark’ across all our activities

In a risk averse world seemingly dominated by fear and constrained by perceived limitations, circus offers us the possibility to dream, play, imagine, aspire and connect.

While the demands of circus are mighty, through risk taking, physical effort and teamwork, its rewards are many. We learn to fly, to fall and to fail, safely. We discover our inner resources to master a skill and to hone a performance. We find a community that encourages and supports us to become more than we thought possible.

Circus is a place where a disenfranchised youth can become a queen; where a timid child can learn to soar; where a performance can transport an audience into a land of wonder and possibility; where a community can discover themselves in a new and positive way.

Roundabout Theatre | Since 2003, Roundabout Theatre has been creating unique roving acts and tailored performance installations for arts, cultural, music and children’s festivals and community events. In tandem, it has devised highly successful, engaging educational theatre for schools, councils and government agencies.

Roundabout Theatre’s distinctive performing style combines improvisation, clowning, tableaux and circus to create delightfully idiosyncratic displays of human frailties, foibles, delusions and aspirations.  Each act is beautifully presented with elegant costuming, elaborate props and a carefully crafted back-story. The result is a captivating aesthetic with an unfolding narrative that transports crowds of all ages into a mischievously absurd parallel universe.

The same spontaneity, perception and sensibility apply to devising issue-based, educational youth theatre where the objectives are to increase awareness, provoke conversation and leave memorable impressions.

From its base in Mullumbimby on the NSW north coast, the company travels extensively across the country to enchant crowds of all ages, including; WOMADelaide, Woodford Folk Festival, Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s Out of the Box Festival, Mildura/Wentworth Arts Festival, Tasmania’s Taste Festival, Mackay Arts Festival, The International Melbourne Flower and Garden Show, and Cairns Festival, to name a few.

Joey Ruigrok van der Werven | is a freelance designer and director for visual, physical, mostly outdoor theatre. The worlds he creates are a mix of performance, structures, lights, sounds, machinery and sensory elements like water and fire. He writes with his designs. He creates theatre for unusual places and specific occasions, often for very large audiences. Joey likes to invite ordinary people into the early stages of the creation process, allowing them to help write the story, design the set or be involved in any way they can be.

Having worked for one of Europe’s large scale, out-door spectacle theatre companies as head technician and visual artist, and now working in Australia as designer, writer and director, Joey makes a style of theatre that can express real meaning and poetry through the animation of the “material” and interaction between characters and their environments.

In 2009 Joey received a 2-year Theatre Board Fellowship on self-devised image and spectacle performance making in Australia.