Before Hollywood there was Bonnywood


West of the ranges in the small town of Bonalbo a plucky band of farmers, artists, engineers and the occasional school-teacher have been taking on the scheming financial overlords of the film industry...

This year their tale will be told at the star-studded red carpet world premiere of Bonnywood Rising; a live-cinema performance produced by Southern Cross University’s Associate Professor and award-winning media artist Dr Grayson Cooke, assisted by staff and students from SCU and Bonalbo resident, artist and 1st Assistant Director Marion Conrow.

Bonnywood Rising imagines the cinematic history of the Bonalbo and District Memorial Hall, weaving a yarn that places the Bonalbo hall at the centre of the largest Australian regional film corporation you’ve never heard of.

Part melodrama, part Western, part historical epic and part complete fabrication, the film is a celebration of the ingenuity, the resilience, the spirit and the humour of the peoples West of the Range.

Featuring live narration by Ewingar resident Alan Highfield and music by post-rock band Amphibian and starring the unknown celebrities of the Bonalbo community, the night will bring all of the glamour of old Hollywood back to the Bonalbo and District Memorial Hall.

Bonnywood Rising | 10 December 2016 | Doors open 7PM | Canapes & bar | Show starts 8PM | Free event | All ages