Eureka Hall


Eureka has a rich history of farming traditions, hard work and a caring and supportive community. Historically the hall has witnessed community celebrations and commemorations including weddings and funerals. Young men were farewelled from the hall to fight battles in distant lands and welcomed on their safe return. A journey down memory lane reveals local people converging on the hall by horse and sulky, enjoying a meal, discussing world matters and all that communities enjoy and celebrate and then dancing the night away.

Today the hall remains the hub of the community hosting the day to day events that bring us together. The families who built the hall and their descendants have been the custodians of the hall for more than one hundred years. Newcomers, those who have settled in the area during the last fifty years, bring a vital energy to the community. In more recent years the hall has attracted people from far and wide and is especially sought after as a wedding venue. The hall is in a truly beautiful setting with its backdrop of the Night Cap Ranges.

Preserving history is so important in a world that is becoming consumed by technology and high density living. Our simple wooden and iconic hall in Eureka is maintained in immaculate condition by a dedicated community who celebrate the lives of those who made sacrifices to build it and to leave it in perpetuity for those who follow.

We are looking forward to the events next year and to welcoming those who venture into our community to enjoy the sound of music, theatre and celebration. If we listen carefully we might just hear the stories of those who have gone before and feel their presence.

– Marisa Snow

Region: Byron Shire
Hall: Eureka Hall