Meerschaum Vale Hall


What would our grand old Meerschaum Vale Hall talk about? The first settlers who walked from Meerschaum Vale to Casino and back to register their cedar-covered land; The excitement when she was built by the Community over 100 years ago; How happy she is to be set in such a beautiful area of valleys and mountains; The fabulous country-dances held over the years; The history of the area; The sadness, but also pride, behind the gold lettered Honour Rolls for the fallen; The fabulous Community effort given to totally renovate her for her 100-year celebrations in 2006; The delicious aromas from her local Curry Nights; The great old photos showing on the three great calendars; Would she know all the answers on Trivia Nights? The sadness and sorrow when a community member passes on; The wakes held; The support given by the Community at these sad times; How she enjoys the High Teas for the Mothers Meeting other Mothers group; And having Santa back again to give joy to the children; She might talk about how great in this internet age, that local people meet socially here regularly;

Let’s find out.

– Josephine Saunders

Region: Ballina Shire
Hall: Meerschaum Vale Hall