The Channon Hall


The Channon Public Hall was built by the community, for the community. Our hall has led a colourful life! It survived a fire in 1911 and then survived a move by bullocks across Terania Creek in the pioneering days to provide easier access for the community – prior to this the only access was a log with a chain strung across for a hand-rail from which people had to climb the frequently flooded creek bank in order to enter the hall. Evening functions were held on a full moon to ensure the access was more visible.

There are so many stories attached to The Channon Hall including its origins from 1907 and the lives of the loggers; through the 1st and 2nd World Wars and the Dairy and Agricultural industries; to the 1970s and the first successful anti-logging campaign, which led to the landmark decision to end all rainforest logging in NSW.

For over 100years our hall has been the central social hub of The Channon Village. Since the 1970s and the Aquarius Movement, the valleys surrounding The Channon have become home to many artistic souls contributing to the colloquial term of the area, ‘The Rainbow Region’.

The now famous, The Channon Craft Market began in 1976 in the grounds of The Channon Hall, filled with craft and artworks for sale and for barter – the market with the ‘Make it, Bake it, Grow It’ ethic is now internationally famous and attracts thousands of visitors each month.

If this hall could talk we would know everything about the people who make up The Channon.

– Beth Wallach

Region: Lismore
Hall: The Channon Hall